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Basalt Crush

by Kane Ikin

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released May 9, 2016

Five grippingly widescreen, warmly immersive, dubwise soundscapes — propulsively roiling, droning and ticking, smudging the limits of their own coherence.

‘I’d been thinking a lot about this idea of skewed club tracks that constantly shift in and out of time like they’re on the precipice of dissolving or collapse,’ says the producer, from Melbourne. ‘Straining against whatever holds them together but maintaining that tension. Tarkovsky calls it ‘space frozen in a dynamic equilibrium’. ‘I’d also been listening to a lot of Steve Reich, Monoton and Arthur Russell, particularly how their work can induce this meditative trance-like state through drifting repetition in rhythm and melody.’

« Basalt Crush steers the abstract techno themes which have emerged over the course of Ikin’s Warehouses (2014, This Thing Records) and Modern Pressure (2016, Type) into ‘floor-fringing structures ripe for more experimental DJs and home listeners alike.

The A-side presents the elegant string flutters of Echoic and an amorphous, haunting stuyd in electro-acoustic dissonance with Autophasic, before titling ‘floor-wards with the ghostly momentum of Gestalt, which could be some spectral relation of Pye Corner Audio.

B-side delves deeper into that theme with more robust, stepping bass wickedly offset by a flinty rimshot, but still keeping the atmospheres wide and gauzy in Street Flare, and Grid draws us farther in to a mix of diaphanous bass and thistly hi-end, precisely balanced in the mix so you could practically lean in and it would support your weight. »


Produced and mixed by Kane Ikin
Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin
Distributed by Honest Jon's in London
Photography taken by Louise Ernandez


all rights reserved


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